"I didn’t know Salesforce could do that!"

We’ve seen too many companies waste valuable hours on overly complex tasks simply because they didn’t know Salesforce
had the ability to do what they needed it to do. And now we’re doing something about it.

#IDKConference, your South Florida Salesforce Event! 2017-11-02T15:37:52+00:00

The #IDKConference is NOT a sales presentation. It’s a rare (and FREE) opportunity to gain valuable insight into the Salesforce CRM platform. Presented by leading industry experts who know how to align the system with operational processes in a way that saves everyone time, you’ll walk away from the #IDKConference…

The #IDKConference is about providing business leaders and power users with a vision of what’s immediately achievable with Salesforce, many times by simply leveraging features companies already paid for out of the box. It is not about only saying that IT IS possible, but showing a glimpse of HOW it is possible.

– Erick Mahle, fullOpp Founder

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It’s all about connectivity and collaboration! Witness a live display of how organizations connect their systems (and teams) together.


Our most popular segment returns. We bring industry experts to the conference to answer all of your questions.


Meet other local business leaders who are also leveraging Salesforce, ask more questions of our panelists, and discover new business opportunities!

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